Our Mission

Soft robots offer key advantages over their traditional rigid counterparts. They are inexpensive to manufacture and require many fewer components, are robust to high forces and unexpected deformations, and can interact with their surroundings using a delicate touch. If you’d like a robot that can survive falling down the stairs, pick raspberries without bruising them, or handle delicate undersea organisms, a soft robot could be the answer!

However, soft robot design is challenging and cross-disciplinary. Human designers earn their design intuition through time-consuming design/build/test cycles, placing soft actuator design out of reach for many non-experts. Making matters worse, software currently used to create soft robots is inherited from the world of ’rigid design,’ creating an ill-fitting patchwork of design tools separated by bottlenecks.

We developed SoRoForge as a new paradigm for soft robot design, in order to lower barriers to entry and make soft robot design more accessible to curious experts in other fields. Even better, the SoRoForge workflow is forward-compatible with emerging computational design tools, setting the stage for researchers to blend human- and machine-powered design to create the next generation of soft machines.